[DGT GTD 教程] Introduction

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DGT GTD Introduction...

DGT GTD is one of the most respected Android app to keep your to-do list. It consistently gets good reviews, and people who get hooked to the app seldom find a better alternative. Yet its functionality is also its curse: many new-comers don't "get" it. This tutorial will let you know how to utilize the full power of the app, and hopefully let you get a feel about what is GTD in the way.

What is GTD?

GTD (Getting Things Done) is a productivity framework designed by David Allen. He has written a few books on the subject, run columns in magazines, and run a company training organizations and individuals to practice the framework. The methodology encompasses all aspects of live, managing your ideas, your commitments, your personal goals, your letters, your documents, your writings, your E-mails, your vision, your value, everything.

How is DGT GTD (the app) related to GTD?

The DGT GTD app is not quite up to the task to fully implement the framework. But it does one thing very well: if you want to practice GTD and want a place to organize your ideas and commitments, you can use the app to easily record them and find them. With it, you can say goodbye to forgetting commitments. You will probably still miss some of them, either because you find a commitment not particularly useful, or because you are suddenly in emergency and you cannot help but give up some of them. Even when the inevitable happens, it is better to know it when you miss your commitments: it allows you to rearrange your commitments rather than disappoint others.

That said, you can use DGT GTD (the app) even if you don't understand or practice GTD (the productivity framework). This tutorial is written without the assumption that you know GTD. We will discuss a few idealism of GTD over the pages, and I sincerely hope that my writing gives you incentives to learn GTD in full. But the choice is always yours, you can cut any corners off this tutorial, the same size doesn't fit all. We will just go over a method that you can fallback to if yours doesn't work.

N.B.: This tutorial uses version 0.7 of the app.  I'll update it from time to time.

If you have any suggestion to the tutorial, don't hesitate to let me know by commenting below!


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